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I can already feel myself feeling emotional looking at these photos, there is nothing nicer than looking back at wedding photos and reminders of your special day. This is why I wanted to share the story of my De Beers wedding jewellery, why it was so important to me and why I think all brides should think wisely about their wedding jewellery.



The Jewellery I Chose

I wanted to keep my jewellery simple and elegant but it had to portray who I am and my style. It was so important I chose jewellery that I could wear again and again and not just for special occasions. I wanted to invest wisely into the pieces I chose so I could wear it daily as a wedding reminder.

I already own a pink gold and pearl diamond bracelet from De Beers so this was my first stop whilst jewellery shopping. My bracelet was only a few weeks old, it still felt new and special but at the same time it was also my something “old” due to the fact is was not brand new or unworn. This bracelet was my first piece from the Enchanted Lotus collection. I knew it would be the first of many because it is a collection you can collect, wear and stack together. This collection was love at first sight for me, this is one aspect of jewellery I love; it can make you feel emotional and trigger love at first sight. The collection is elegant, I adore the mother-of-pearl detail and that it was not an obvious simple pearl. The Lotus flower is the flower of purity and associated with love and passion. My mum always use to call me a water lily so it has real meaning to me. Paris and I both loved the design but it really was perfect for the wedding.

I was so tempted to choose the white gold but decided to go with my heart and continue with the pink gold. Some may think it is not traditional but it was important I felt like me, chose what we loved as a couple and what I would wear every day after the wedding. The pink rose also complimented my venue, we were married in the pink rooms at the Ritz London. Everything just fit together. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY ENCHANTED LOTUS BRACELET. It also comes without the mother-of-pearl detail.



The decision to choose the droplet Enchanted Lotus earrings was an easy choice for me. The neckline on my dress was very high so a necklace would be lost. I wanted show-stopping earrings which complimented both my dress and my face. As much as I love the stud style, I chose the drop design due to the fact that a drop earring flatters an oval face (like mine). I wanted to be sure that they were seen. The pink gold and sparkle complemented my dress so well. The earrings were beyond perfect, they were elegant and show-stopping.

For my France wedding, I really did not pay attention to my jewellery, that was a huge mistake. I panicked last minute and bought DIOR pearl tribal earrings the week before. I love these earrings so much but looking back (has not even been that long) they were a trend. Please avoid trends at your wedding, you will regret it. Think classic and stick to what you really love in your heart. I can see them in all my photos, they played an important role, yet I did not pay too much attention to choosing them. The worst factor is, the earrings fell apart a year later. I had them replaced but now I do not own the original pair. I am very sentimental so this upset me a little. I advise wearing fine jewellery that will last forever.

This time around I really put some thought into the style and really wanted fine jewellery which would last and I could pass down to the future generations of my family.

I wear the Enchanted Lotus bracelet all the time and every single day it reminds me of my magical wedding. I fall in love with it more each day. Having this special memory reminder is priceless and one of the best aspect of my wedding.

I wear the drop earrings more than I imagined. If you watch my videos on YouTube you will notice that I am always wearing them. I wear them with simple looks such as jeans and a shirt. You can see here that they add a subtle touch of glamour to my day. Even though they are discreet, they are eye-catching and make me feel great. The clasp is very secure, so secure I sleep in them. I am not sure that is recommended but I do and they stay in so well. CLICK HERE TO SEE MY ENCHANTED LOTUS DROP EARRINGS.

I am very excited about my next De Beers Enchanted Lotus purchase. Have you seen a favourite piece you love? Or maybe you can recommend which piece I choose next. I would love to hear from you.

I hope this blog post encourages you to think about your wedding jewellery and that this story and the De Beers Enchanted Lotus collection inspires you. For those of you who are already married, we have anniversaries to look forward to 🙂

Remember, it is the little details which make a wedding and make an outfit. More importantly, it is precious to have sentimental pieces to remember your special day.

If you have not seen our wedding video, click here.










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