Virgos Lounge Discount Code


virgos lounge discount code

Today I am pleased to announce that one of my favourite brands that I have been following from the moment they launched, have kindly allowed my followers to have a discount code…YAY!

Virgos Lounge reflect vintage, modern, glamour, offering good quality at a good price. The brand is London based, combining contemporary silhouettes and trends with classic vintage styles to create unique statement pieces for the modern woman.

I love vintage items but hate the hunting, the smell and the super small sizes they normally come in. With Virgos lounge I feel like I am wearing vintage without the bad points. As the brand has progressed they have introduced more mix and match pieces. I adore the dresses, which are also so perfect for the festive season that is nearly upon us. But for me I have fallen for the leather skirts and beaded jackets. I always encourage everyone to invest into leather pieces as they last and you can wear them all year round. I am definitely a jacket kind of girl (as well as bags AND shoes) so I got excited, very excited when I saw the selection of jackets. The Bee jacket OH MY.

Isn’t this the best jacket ever??

discount code virgos lounge

I have picked a few of my favourite pieces to get you in the shopping mood :) To view the entire collection click here

virgos lounge yellow leather skirt

virgos lounge discount code

gold vintage skirt

ox blood dress

To get your discount code you must:

Follow this blog via bloglovin and follow @iamchouquette on Twitter and Facebook.

You must also follow @virgoslounge on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Once you have done this you can email me and receive your discount code!!

I would love you to tell me what you all bought.


Claire xx


3 thoughts on “Virgos Lounge Discount Code”

  1. Hi,followed the blog and Virgos lounge! I’m purchasing saffie blue as my New Year’s Eve dress! It’s beautiful! Would very much appreciate a discount code…fab website!
    Thank you
    Tess x

  2. I have done this! I would like to buy the Saffie Blue dress for my ball in February and would really appreciate the discount! Thanks you very much, Lucy

  3. Awwww! I am soooooo sooooo sad, as I’ve now fallen absolutely in love with this dress to go with my fabby nude Lulu Guinness lips clutch! Unfortunately for me, it’s been discontinued :(
    Seeing it on you makes me even sadder, as it is pure gorgeousness!!! IF by any chance you are thinking of selling yours… LET ME KNOW! :)

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