SERIES 3: Amour à Paris

written by Chouquette July 21, 2015

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For series 3 of my wedding blogging I wanted to share my pre wedding photos we took in Paris “Love in Paris” for our guest book at the wedding. I know it’s a cheesy thing to do but you only get married once (I hope) so why not soak up the cheese. Paris hates photos so it’s a rare opportunity for me to get a nice photo together. We hired the best photographer, if you want to know his details just leave a comment below. There were lots more images to choose from and we had another look but I will share these later on in the week.

Most of you guessed correctly on my instagram; I chose the white Balmain blazer. These jackets are so expensive but they are so worth it if you consider cost per wear. There are no other blazers that compare to the fit of a Balmain jacket, the shape is so distinctive. I now have a black and white one so I can wear them with every outfit. Since this white jacket purchase I have bought another one which I will reveal next week. Yes I now have three but they will last me a life time.

Balmain Sizing

I think these blazers fit true to French sizing. I always buy size 38 jackets because I like to have plenty of room and movement. These jackets fit tight at the waist. My black one is a size 36 which fits fine but I decided to take out the seams as it was tight across the shoulders. This white one is a size 40! It was the last one left and it is too big for me but I had the darts at the front taken in so it’s more fitted on the waist.  My newest edition is my size; a 38! Don’t worry if you need to buy a size smaller or bigger they can easily be tailored.

My dress is a size 40 (sale purchase) it was huge so I had it tailored to a 38. It is still slightly big but it fits fine. 

My first look was a pre bridal look but for the second look I wanted to wear a “me” outfit so of course I chose denim, lace and head to toe Balmain. Everything I am wearing was bought in the sale or from The Outnet, you don’t have to buy full price if you are on a budget. Buying in the sale does mean you probably won’t get your exact size but it’s fine just tailor everything like I do.

I plain on wearing this jacket to my London legal wedding when I return back to the UK.

I hope you enjoyed these photos with Paris, it’s the first time he has appeared on my blog.

Less than two weeks to go until our big day!!








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Emily July 21, 2015 at 3:04 pm

You look so beaut, can’t wait to see your wedding dress! X


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