Palm Springs Hotel + COACHELLA Day 1

written by Chouquette May 31, 2016



The next stop in our road trip was “Palm Springs” as you know I was there for Coachella. The journey to Palm Springs is stunning, I don’t think people realise how beautiful Palm Springs is and I would totally visit this place without attending the festival, the weather is dreamy, the scenery is surreal because you are in the desert. Everyone is laid back and friendly and you feel like you have stepped back to the 1960s! You won’t believe this unless you actually go there. It ‘s an amazing place and you must visit Palm Springs if you go to Cali. If you go when the Coachella fest isn’t on that’s even better because hotel rates more than triple in price.

I always said I only wanted to do Coachella once but it was so incredible I wanted to go again. Everyone always asks “is it all worth the hype” the answer is YES, and I am not even a festival kinda gal. It’s amazing because Palm Springs is a dream, the weather is perfection and the festival is so clean and different to anywhere I have been before. The music is always good, there are no pushy crowds or fights, I didn’t see any drugs and it’s very well organised.

People always ask me “if they should pay for VIP bands.” I personally have never been VIP. The first time I went I would have said don’t pay for the extra just to be VIP. The VIP area was tiny and away from the main stage. It just seems good for celeb spotting. However this year it seemed bigger and closer to the stage. I am still not sure it’s worth the extra money and I was more than happy with the GA. Maybe next time I will test out the VIP.

I was also asked “how did I get my ticket.” My ticket was planned by Kensington & Pearl so there was no hassle for me. The ticket was around £300 each I think maybe £250. I know they are hard to get hold out. If you want to go next year you can book your ticket via K&P. Last time we waiting on line with three laptops and kept pressing the refresh button. We couldn’t get the first weekend so we went the second week. I defiantly recommend going the first weekend because there are more private parties and more hype.

Hotel Tips

This year we stayed in an “inn” and I say that this is the best option! Last time we stayed in a big hotel. I can’t even remember what it was called but we both hated it. It was way over priced and I mean twice the price of when we stayed at the Wynn Encore (suite) in Vegas and yet it was so dated and average. It was such a waste of money. This time we booked via Kensington & Pearl and they suggested an “inn”. These all get booked up fairly fast so make sure you are well organised. Our inn was called Casita La QuitaThe most hilarious thing happened. When we arrived the man that greeted us seem a little shocked. It turns out that this inn is a lesbian hotel. I guess with our names they could have easily been two girls names and that’s why we wasn’t notified that it was for lesbians only. They were super nice about it and they did say they don’t like to discriminate and happy to accept men as long as they were respectful. Just because the women staying there are lesbian’s doesn’t mean that it was an orgy hotel, everyone was exactly the same as a normal hotel, we didn’t notice any difference at all. We absolutely loved staying here. The room was lovely and cute, they gave us homemade cakes everyday, the pool was lovely and everything was just so nice. It wasn’t over crowded and it was such a personal stay. The price was around £195 a night which was so much cheaper than any other hotel. Do not waste your money on the big chain hotels. You can choose air b and b but that is totally not my thing. I could’d imagine anything worse than staying in someones house. I would pick a cute inn over a basic motel or over priced huge hotel. I hope this tip is useful because staying in Palm Springs is pricey. 


My Look 

My look for the first day was a white Free People dress which you can buy here. It also comes in black. Click here to buy my shoes, click here to buy my bag, click here to buy my belt. I know Free People is such an obvious choice to wear to Coachella but it my defence it’s not as popular in the UK. If i was to go to a British festival I wouldn’t see many girls wearing FP, however in America it is huge and I saw so many girls wearing FP. It didn’t bother me at all, I am massive fan of Free People, the quality is fabulous and I love literally everything they sell.

In my next article I will explain what kings clothes you need to pack and what the temperate is like.









CC xx

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