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If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel here you would have seen my room tour for this room, click here if you haven’t watched it. I wanted to write a blog post to share some tips and thought it would be helpful to give you photo references. Let me know if it was helpful.

We started decorating this room in January of this year. It took me months and months to choose the two shades of grey. The tones all start to look the same so hopefully, my video on grey paint will be helpful! This video is going live in two weeks, stay tuned. Would you like a blog post for that too, it’s about my office?

So this room is our office. In actual fact, this room is intended for something totally different but I am using it until our extension is built. Basically, the decor was not planned for an office but it works really well. I will reveal in the next video what we are using this for in 2019!!

As explained in the video, I wanted to style this room as a dining room to help anyone who wanted to know more about the table. Using it as a desk actually makes it look smaller. I wanted to show you that you could easily fit six chairs around it, depending on the chairs.

This marble table is S E N S A T I O N A L. I can not recommend a marble table and you know I know about marble. I had our main dining room table made from a drawing of mine and it was double figures to buy. This table is less than £1000 and the marble is truly beautiful. It is not that faint, cheap looking marble. The size is perfect and the delivery was great. Click here to shop. I love it so much I am buying another one for my kitchen and putting it in storage for when the extension is ready. It will not be ready for another year but I cannot let this table escape me.

The chairs, OH MY THESE CHAIRS! Watch the video to know more but in short, they are FANTASTIC. It took me months to find chairs like this and they were worth the wait because they are perfect in every way. The height is great, they are really comfortable, soft but don’t sink. The “CHANEL” quilting detail is life and the brass legs make them look chic and expensive. Click here to shop, they come in many colours, including baby pink and they also come in barstool style here. The price is outstanding, you must check them out, so perfect for the dining room, a desk, a dressing table or just as a feature.


I dressed in this room with my mini SMEG fridge (shop here) and a flamingo light (shop here.) The flamingo is so fun, I love it so much and it will stay here for the office and for the future. I love how the flamingo and fridge gives the room personality. Mini fridges are great for offices and dining rooms as it’s perfect for drinks and saves us going downstairs.



Another amazing accessory is the Kartell lights. I found these on Luisa Via Roma, yes they have a hoe section here. I love love love these lights. I move them around the house, as they have no plugs and can sit anywhere. So practical and the reflection is stunning. They come plain or with a gold stand, I have both 🙂







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Ewa Macherowska July 26, 2018 at 6:59 am

Fab <3

Lisa Autumn July 30, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Loved the video Claire! Obsessed with your interior style!

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