Grey Over The Knee Boots Challenge

written by Chouquette May 1, 2015








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Sorry for the absence, I did have four posts ready to publish whilst I was away but forgot to set my timer. I am so jet lagged from Vegas and today is my first day getting back into a routine. I had the best hen and can not wait until my wedding day. I have been to Vegas three times now so I am going to write you a guide; where to go, how to get in clubs for free and how to get VIP for free.

So here she is my new CHANEL WOC. I know I also say “I have wanted a X colour Chanel bag for ages” but I really have wanted a grey WOC for ages. About six seaosns ago Chanel had a caviar grey WOC and I regret not buying it so ever since I have been looking for one. This WOC is not caviar skin and it’s a bit more silver then I wanted but it’s the closes I have found in a year and more to the point it was practically half the retail price because I purchased it from Designer Exchange. I hate it that the shop is so good because it forces me to spend money I shouldn’t be spending. I recommend you keep an eye on their Instagram and constantly pay them visits if you can because some days they are running low of stock and other days they have about ten bags I desperately want and they seem to not last longer than a few days so you need to keep an eye on them before I get their frist 🙂

My jacket is by Virgos Lounge and it is currently in the sale. As you know I have a love for beaded things specially jackets and I LOVE pearls so clearly I loved this jacket. All of their jackets and dresses are heavy but this one is in particular very heavy which I like because it’s not a flimsy garment, beaded jackets need to be heavy otherwise it looks tacky.

I have been wearing these jeans constantly, I love the high waist because they suck me in. They also come in black and white but love the grey because it’s my favourite colour and they compliment my new boots perfectly. Yes now lets discuss my new boots and the effort I put in to get them. So we have all seen the Stuart Weitzman Highland boots, like the majority I wanted them but for some reason I did not want to spend £600 on them, I believe in buying high-street over designer if high street can offer the same or similar as designer brands. I searched high and low for the perfect pair and found them in Aldo but on the US site. I bought the last ones in my size (sorry) but had to get them shipped to my friend in NYC and he shipped them to me because they don’t ship to the UK. It was worth the wait and the organising and pleased to say I have succeeded in finding the perfect grey over the knee boots without spending £600 plus.







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