Gold Finger

written by Chouquette October 31, 2014
kyme black and gold sunglasses

uk top ten fashion blogger

kyme black and gold sunglasses

kyme black and gold sunglasses

long black leather coat



My second look for The Box Boutique photo shoot.

The sunglasses are by Kyme and priced really well at £120. Most sunglasses fall off my face but these stayed on and fitted better than the Chanel version that are similar. Not to mention the Kyme pair are less than half price.

My absolutely favourite, must have piece from this entire look is the ring. I bet you did not even notice it, so look back at the photos on my right hand. The brand is H&H Nail Adornments, I call it the Rihanna ring but it is actually called The Pointer Nail Ring. It comes in a rounded design as well as the pointy and also comes in a gunmetal grey finish. They stay on, do not feel awkward to wear and the best part is it is really affordable at £82.50.

The black and gold boots are similar to the fifty pairs I have at home, I can never have too many black and gold boots. If you buy these make sure you buy a smaller size as they run big, maybe go half a size down. They are by Philipp Plein and called “Aggressive Girl Boots” which pretty much sums up my style as the girly tomboy.

The leather jacket with fur collar is by Raw + and comes with a detachable belt and (under) cardigan. It can be worn different ways and it is s classic piece to stay in anyones wardrobe.

I had to wear the Nhivuru” Selfie” jumper because i’m always taking selfies, who isn’t!

I chose a few more pieces from the store that are my top picks. Everything can be found on the website here or in store.

h & h gold finger nail ring

mua mua coco chanel doll

charlotte simone black white fur popsicle

balmain black rope shoes



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KYME Black And Gold Sunglasses 

PHILIPP PLEIN Aggressive Girl Boots 

H&H Nail Adornments Ring 

NHIVURU  Selfie Sweater
Hermes Cuff and Jeans are my own.
Photography by Aegina Brahim
CC xx

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Adele November 1, 2014 at 9:09 am

I did notice the ring (which at first I thought was a gold nail) in your header shot.
This is one of my favourite looks, I adore the boots especially, but the whole look is pulled together so well!
Hugs xoxo


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