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written by Chouquette March 4, 2015






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This was my look for the Belstaff AW15 presentation that took place in the evening of my last post. I went for dinner after so I wanted to wear something nice, I have been saving this IRIS & INK dress for a special oocassion. This leather dress is so wow I am totally in love with everything about it; I love the length which is normally a style I stay away from because this silhouette is too girly for me and if the dress is tight I feel too sexy and my figure can not pull it off. This dress solves all my problems, its not tight and flatters me but more importantly the black leather takes off the girly edge. This is a wardrobe must for so many shapes, sizes, ages, and can be wear to work, in the evening or to some where formal. A black dress specially in leather will be a staple in your wardrobe forever and the quality of IRIS & INK will not fail you. I was surprised how affordable this dress was, click HERE to buy. I teamed this dress with more leather to double enforce the tomboyish look I wanted but of course the Valentino heels gave me a slight feminine edge.

The presentation was totally different to last season and not what I expected in terms of the actual presentation. I love going to location spaces as opposed to the white rooms at Somerset House, it allows you to be more submersed in the vision of the collection. It also gives me amazing ideas for my wedding! The venue was a beautiful period building with high ceilings, gigantic windows and there was a distressed vibe. The most impressive factor was the white parachutes draped form the ceilings which you can see in the photos. As I said on my instagram I really wish this presentation was at the start of the fashion week because I was struggling for winter inspo, sometimes it’s hard to dress well when it is so cold but obviously according to Belstaff it really is not impossible at all. They made it look so easy laying every fabric known to man: leather, fur, mohair, nylon, wax cotton, knit wear, you name it they had it. I love the high neck knits layered with a leather jacket (which by the way Belstaff do so well and Paris only wears Belstaff leather, so it must be good hee hee) and then layering again with a chunky coat. This collection was the ultimate feminine meets boy which coincidentally matched the concept of my look perfectly; I knew I was a Belstaff girl!! For me the AW15 collection executed casual meets luxe which is always my ultimate goal when dressing in the morning and they inspired me dress for winter weather.

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