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HELLO and welcome to my new and improved website. What do you think? I have been dying to get it updated for at least six months but I have been so busy traveling or working and when I find a spare day Paris is busy, yep he created the new site. He is not a website designer but his talents are never ending and he can pretty much do anything. I am at the point where I think he is invincible. I told him I wanted the same vibe as my previous site, just a little tidier and easier for you to shop.


So the new feature we added are the SHOP PAGE, click here and you will see my new shop page. Down the right hand side you will see a list of stores I love to shop at, click the store and it will take you to their site. I still have all my wardrobe items listed in categories and tried to make it as easy as possible for you to locate items you have seen me wear.

There is a new ABOUT me CLAIRE CHANELLE page, we added a video of me posing we two CHANEL bags 🙂 We didn’t film it with this in mind, I was just messing around and kept the footage. I think it will be fun to keep updating the video, so keep an eye on that.

WE added a SHOP MY INSTAGRAM page here. This will show you all my Instagram images, click on one you like and the list of items to shop will appear.

Another new tab is TRENDS & STYLE TIPS here. If you click on this new page it will show you the latest trends. For example the first trend I decided to talk about was “basket bags”. I will probably updated this between once a week or once every two weeks. Every time I notice or predict a new trend I will tell you you what I think of it, items to shop, how to wear it and most importantly if it is a trend I think is worth investing in. I will also be talking about style tips like how to shop luxury, how to save for luxury, how to start a luxury wardrobe, how to style a BALMAIN jacket and so on. I think you will find this new page useful.

If you scroll down to the bottom you will see my latest YouTube videos.

Finally everything else is the same, I still have a LOOKS tab here, a PRESS page here, TRAVEL, WEDDINGS and BEAUTY.

The website is pretty much finished (for now) but we are still tweaking a few things. I really hope you like it, let me know what you think.

To launch my new website I wanted to share a new dress and a pair of shoes that I am totally in love with. Yes this is my  first ever Zimmerman dress and it didn’t disappoint. You will be pleased to know that last night this dropped into the SALE AND IT’S NOW 40% OFF! CLICK HERE TO SHOP. 

You can click here to see more of the dress and here to see me unbox the shoes. The dress is one of the most stunning pieces of RTW I own. The photos and video do not do it justice and I feel totally amazing in it. It is a classic dress that I can wear summer after summer to any occasion. I am not one to spend so much on a dress but when it’s “killer’ like this one it’s for sure worth it.

You have no doubt noticed by now that I love Manolo Blahnik shoes. I bought my very first pair in black as I usually start off with new brands and styles in black but they were also for work when I worked at Harrods back in 2011. I loved them so much I bought a second pair in grey. Two years later I received a red pair. This is how I always buy luxury by the way; I buy a dark or light neutral colour first, then I buy dark or neutral colour depending on the first colour I bought then I buy a colour which is usually red. I felt like I needed a softer tone colour for summer dresses weddings etc. As soon as I saw the baby pink I had to have them. I really love it that they are not silk, they are a rough cotton fabric. Usually Hangisis  fit very generous but I have worked out that this is only concerned with the silk fabric style. I would suggest to take your true to size in this style

For those of you that can see my marble table in the background and always ask me questions, you can read all about it here. The silk roses I holding will be revealed soon in a YouTube video as I bought them for an interior design project.

Do not forget the NET A PORTER, MTHERESA and MATCHES sale started today.

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